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Nov 17, 2013 8:00am PST
flier card. that's money that's being paid to you but it's not really being paid to you because you don't have freedom on how you spend it. if you add up how much it is, it's going up year to year and it will keep ongoing up as long as computers are helping with this. >> if you go online and take part in a survey, is there a place where you should not give them your name, address, what do i do? >> this is so hard. everybody wants, we are so used to the idea of bottom up action, but this really has to include a top down component or it doesn't make sense. >> it feels like that right now. >> you can't even turn on your tablet without giving away, we have given into a regime where everyone has to give up information. the moment you turn on your tablet as opposed to your old fashioned pc where you owned your data, you are entering this system. we have to change the overall systemic thing. what i always taught students is don't approach this idea logically. getting off facebook because it's bad is not necessary. be experiment tamm. >> you talked about the things that finance go in the wrong
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am PST
physically someone who is not even half your size in many cases? >> parents, caregivers don't wake up in the morning and say they want to hurt their children. we work with people who have had generations of abuse in their family and violence. raising children can be stressful. when all the stressors of life happen, we make sure they are not going to take action on their kids. >> do they resist it initially? >> very much so. we have many phone calls from families who have had an abusive situation in the past and they know what that breaking point looks like and they call and say, i need help because i don't know the this to happen to my children. >> i would say this takes a lot of guts for people to call and do they have to let you know exactly who they are and where they are? >> our calls are anonymous and oftentimes they will call and we'll develop a relationship with them and then they will share their names and history so we can help them. but we try to create a safe environment for people to get help. because families don't want to hurt their children and they are put in a situati
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am PST
to this great man, he knew my whole history, but do we want to throw it in his face, no, i don't think so. so i just tuned it down all the time. and then very soon after he passed away, i was doing the play about my life called life without make up, which actually inspired the book. and at no point, i thought well, it is a long lyed life. i--a long-lived life. i think i have less sons and oh,--lessons, oh, look at your famous. and that is why i did it. which is why it is very revealing and when i athat, i don't like to think of it as only juicy, there are juicy parts. >> oh, we'll get to that. you came here from puerto rico with your molter. --with your mother and she left your brother. did you know why? >> it was not dis-quest and that is the problem. at a serve point in my life, i found it to too hard. and there is my mother, she is a beautiful lady. >> the apple does not fall far. >> and i love that picture. it is so sweet. it was not something that was to be talked about. i just felt that she would probably get hysterical or she would start crying out of guilt and all of that kind of stuff
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3